03/21/20 COVID-19 Closure

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce TEMPORARY closure of our company. We began our closure on March 16th and will remain closed until at least April 18th. We are following the guidelines put out by the CDC as well as info my wife gathers from Mission Hospital where she works. Prior to re-opening we will reevaluate the current status and information on COVID-19.

If you have trips scheduled with us during the closure period please contact us directly. If you have trips scheduled in late April or May please know that the current situation is very fluid and constantly changing. We will not be making any decisions on those trips until we have more information as things change and as stated above will reevaluate on 4/18 and update this statement.

Understand that small businesses are being hit hard by this Pandemic and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SURVIVE!!!! I strongly encourage folks to support small business by purchasing gift cards, sharing posts and inviting friends to like your favorite small business pages. These are simple things you can do from home!

2 Tips to stay mentally and physically well during this time:

(1) Take walks outside. Now is prime time to “stop and smell the roses” per say; It is Spring Time! Being outdoors releases endorphins and gives the body needed exercise.

rocky shoals spider lilies


Spring blooms in South Carolina: Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies: Landsford Canal State Park.
Guided hike options with NCOA
Photo credit:  https://www.gaillynphotography.com/

spider lily paddle trips
Our most popular trip out of 20+ options! Spring brings our Spider Lily Paddle Trips. Enjoy a kayak trip through the largest concentration of lilies in the world. https://ncoutdooradventures.org/classes-and-trips/spider-lily-kayak-trips (2) Practice mindfulness: It is easy. This practice is great for people who are stressed out, young and old. This is a great thing to do with the entire family to reduce stress and anxiety and bring you to the present, an exercise on staying grounded! It is simple and can be done sitting and watching TV or in your Car….it can be done anywhere. Keep reading as I show you how and do it with you! Check in with your 5 senses. Ask yourself and family: What do you feel right now? Currently I feel the tassels on the blanket covering my legs. What do you hear? I hear my wife plunging our old plumbed toilet and the cats as they run swiftly across the wood floor. What do you taste? I taste my coffee breathe? What do you see?  I see some happy cats, a lazy dog and a wee bit of sunshine. What do you smell? I smell fresh air.
5 senses

Thank you! Stay safe and well!

Scott and Christy Thrift

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