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12 yrs

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6 hrs




This hands on course teaches three self-rescue techniques EVERY CLIMBER SHOULD KNOW! The day will start with brief introductions followed by ground school, lunch, and finishing the day with mock scenario practice. Ground school topics include…

  • The why, when, and how for using friction hitches and mechanical rope grabbing devices.
  • Simple techniques to unload a weighted rope.
  • Ways of creating mechanical advantage to assist your partner up.

Scenario practice will include…

  • Transferring a weighted belay. (aka. escaping the system)
  • Ascending a rope.
  • Counter balance rappels.


Self Rescue Climbing Instruction NC TN


Climbers must have working knowledge of belaying, tying in, and partner checks. Climbers should review the munter mule overhand prior to the course.

Locations and Times:

    • June 5th. Table Rock, NC. 8:30am-5pm.
    • Date TBD. CCC Fund Raiser at Rocky Face Recreational Area. 9am-4pm**

Number of Participants:

Multi Pitch

Number of Participants:



$165* *All courses must be registered for 7 days prior to the course date. Late registrants are accepted on a case by case basis. Please Email. Additionally, we offer 100% flexible pricing for those who inquire. Please email to inquire on our “Pay What You Can (PWYC)” model and reserve your spot today. **NOTE: CCC Self-Rescue Fundraiser cost $100 and will be taught at a ratio of 6 participants per instructor. Number of participants will be limited from 2-18.

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