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Min Age

5 yrs

Max Group Size



6 hrs


$100-258/ per person


Why choose NCOA for your outdoor Rock Climbing needs?

Whether you are a beginner rock climber or a novice climber, NCOA has you covered! Guests get exactly what they want out of a day when booking a rock-climbing PRIVATE tour with NC Outdoor Adventures! Book for a 1-on-1 session or group session.

Private days allow guests the freedom to tailor their adventure experiences by selecting from a variety of high adventure tour options.  Say you like the idea of doing both Intro to climbing and rappelling in one day, no problem, our private tours are perfect for that! Guests also get too select from various locations. Check out our Destinations page here:  Destinations page.

Privately guided climbing adventures and education

In addition to the perks above, guests get to take advantage of our guides’ in-depth knowledge of the local climbing areas. Our guides can quickly show you around the crag and help you tackle as many routes as you desire in a day if that is your day’s adventure goal!

Trips take place daily but require advanced booking. Please book as early as possible to secure the trip of your choice! If you are looking to book or have questions, please fill out this trip inquiry form.

Trips are competitively priced and with the money we make we pay our guides some of the best wages in the entire Southeastern USA! Trips are priced based on activity, group size and location choice. Pricing chart below.

Our mission is to offer comprehensive, yet simple, instruction that instills confidence and self-reliance in every climber we work with. Our education philosophy revolves around teaching three concepts, Actions, Skill Sets, and Applications through three simple questions: “what to do”, “how to do it” and “when to do it”. Our guides are certified/credentialed professionals, who are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about providing superb services in their industry!

Course options:

These courses are great for sharpening skill sets like, efficient gear placements, advanced self-rescue, anchor building tricks, efficient rope management, or any other skill set of your choosing. 

Intro to Climbing

Intro to Rappelling

Gym to Crag Course (aka Plastic to Stone Climbing)

Educational Rock-Climbing

*Top Rope Climbing 


*Climbing Balance

*Mountain Snow School

*Mentorship packages: This adventure package consists of three courses with the end goal of creating an independent, safe climber, family, or group. Mentorship packages are generally built and guided by the same guide, adding a huge amount of personal value to your experiences.

Top Rope Climbing NC education NCOA


Number in
Cost for
Full Day
1 $280
2 $195 Each
3 $185 Each
4-5 $175 Each
6 or more $125 Each

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