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23 Ways Hiking Makes You Healthier

You might be wondering what hiking can do in leading a healthy life. Yes, there are lots of ways in which hiking benefits your health. It is a proven fact that hiking in nature will help to reduce the chances of developing disorders related to the cardiovascular system. Making it a regular habit will help in elevating the levels of lipoprotein along with decreasing the triglycerides levels. These, in turn, will finally result in lowering the risks of developing cardiovascular issues, heart attacks as well as elevated levels of blood pressure.


The Carolinas are home to several hundred waterfalls. Our Majestic falls are adorned with beautiful forests and towering cliffs. Places that can seem movie like and as a matter of fact have been in movies like Last of the Mohicans, Hunger Games and Dirty Dancing. These great places should be enjoyed by everyone but must be respected for what they are, wild places! A true wilderness setting.

Such places come with inherent dangers most of which can be mitigated with some general knowledge and common sense. Things like staying on marked trails and not wandering from platforms, knowing what plants and wild life might be poisonous, wearing the correct shoes for hiking, taking enough water and wearing sun screen can go a long way to having a fun, safe and adventurous day!!!


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