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There is no better way to get exactly what you want out of a guided climbing day, then to hire a guide for a 1-on-1 session. Private days allow the guide to tailor the experience to your goals and your pace. You can focus on learning, or sharpening skill sets like, efficient gear placements, advanced self-rescue, anchor building tricks, efficient rope management, or any other skill set of your choosing.

If polishing your skills set is not your goal, take advantage of our guides in-depth knowledge of the local climbing areas. Our guides can quickly show you around the crag and help you tackle as many routes as you desire in a day.

Want to use the same guide over and over? Feel free to request any guide you like from our meet the guides page, and we will do our best to reserve them for you. 

Number in
Cost for Half Day Cost for Full Day
1 $165 $260
2 $155 Each $180 Each
3 N/A $150 Each
4-5 N/A $130 Each
6 or more N/A $110 Each

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