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What lives below the surface?

How healthy are our waterways?

A common thread in our community that has kept local people out of our rivers is that for several decades they have been told not to swim in the river as it is to dirty and unsafe. This was certainly true before the initiation of the Clean Water Act in 1972. These regulations along with the help of citizens in our area who advocated for clean water have paved the way for clean and safe waterways to recreate in.

Aquatic environments are fun, beautiful and rich in discovery and rich in natural and cultural history. We experience water all of our lives but few people are aware of the complex aquatic environment below the surface; it is a “new world” worth exploring! NC Outdoor Adventures will provide folks an opportunity to see and explore the rivers and streams in an up-close hands-on way.

The purpose of this event is to test the health of our waterways, via this program. How will we do that? Each snorkel event will give participants not only the chance to see what lives below the surface but also an opportunity to catch and release a few critters. The number of different species we find will be added up to determine that body of waters health. We will also have the opportunity to document the species we find on the iNaturalist app as well as perform water sampling via the World Water Monitoring Program. This info will be posted into a national data base. Trips will take place in several waterways across our area.

Due to COVID we can not provide snorkels and masks as planned. If you would like to have snorkel gear you will have to bring it with you. Participants will be provided PFDs as needed. We will provide specimen cups, buckets, hand and kick-nets and viewing boxes to discover what is below the surface. Events will take place once a month starting in June-August and will last two hours. Cost will be $30 or $20 for Yancey and Mitchell County residents.

When: Third Sunday of each month June-August at 11:30AM.

Length of Trip:  Two hours

Cost: $30 or $20 for Mitchell and Yancey residents. 

If you cannot find a date on the calendar that works with your schedule you can book a private date for a group (minimum of 4 people). Please email us for details ncoadventures@gmail.com or call (828) 260-4505 or simply use the contact us button at the bottom of the page.

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