Give a gift that highlights great mental health and bonding through ADVENTURE THERAPY!

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If 2020 has taught us anything it highlighted the importance of quality time with the ones we love. It showed us that “stuff” truly is not important. This holiday season we should all re-think how we gift, what we gift. This coming year let’s make memories that will last a lifetime by gifting adventure! It is as easy as 1-2-3 when you purchase a gift card online at NCOA will even personalize a gift certificate for you if you reach out to them by email or phone and ask for a personalized certificate!


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With 2020 heading towards the rear view this gift will not only be the most unique under the tree it will be the most memorable!

Why gift adventure? It isn’t just for making memories. The types of experiences NCOA offers builds confidence and strength both physically and mentally. Nature is the best form of medicine! Being outdoors offers a break from the chaos of life a much-needed escape from the day to day rat race we all endure!  The health benefits of being outdoors are endless and is one of the primary reasons we decided to start an adventure company.

Nature as medicine is also known as “wilderness therapy: defined as the prescriptive use of adventure experiences “that kinetically engage guests on a cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels. Wilderness therapy is one of the most unique, effective forms of therapy. It creates many opportunities for personal growth and success. The benefits of wilderness therapy programs are numerous and include:

  • Adventure trips offer families, individuals or team focused programs that remove individuals from the distractions of everyday life. Providing a grounding and recentering experience!
  • Build independence
  • Learn leadership and communication skills
  • Greater awareness of others
  • Increased confidence
  • Find passion for new activities

Why choose NC Outdoor Adventures? NCOA is a premier adventure guide service offering boutique style services. What this means for the consumer is a trip catered to your specific needs, what you want to learn and the adventure or adventures you want to experience. NC Outdoor Adventures is the most diverse guide service in the Carolina’s offering over 20 adventure trip options including tubing, rafting, whitewater kayak instruction, climbing, rappelling, waterfall rappelling, hiking, camping, youth and veteran programs, wild edible plant walkabouts plus alpine climbing instruction during the winter months. This diversity in trip offerings makes our family owned company the perfect choice for many families, couples, adventurers, and scouting groups.

Below we have listed several things that set us apart from other Guide Services!

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Adventurers, Families, Couples, and Friends

  • More trip options than any other North Carolina adventure guide company.
  • Competitively priced adventure packages that allow you to sample multiple activities.
  • Charismatic staff who are both fun, safe, well trained and experienced.

You are the foundation of our company, and the reason we come to work every day.

Large Groups and Camps

NC Outdoor Adventures is the best guide company in the region for large group outings. Our small company size and boutique approach allows us to cater trips to your group needs, while providing the most competitive rates in Western North Carolina.

  • The most flexible course packaging and price structure of any NC or local guide service.
  • Catered “boutique style” adventure packages perfect for family reunions, youth activities, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties. We even build programs to meet badge requirements for scouting organizations.
  • Experienced staff to help with your logistical needs from day one.
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Our mission is to offer comprehensive, yet simple, instruction that instills confidence and self-reliance into every climber we work with. Our education philosophy revolves around teaching three concepts, Actions (Belay, ascend, descend), Tools (transition techniques, rescue techniques, lead techniques) and Applications (terrain, experience, and environmental considerations) through three simple questions: “what to do”, “how to do it” and “when to do it”. Our guides are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about providing services to their community- through our work we support climbing access by donating 5% of our profits every year to the Carolina Climbers Coalition.

We offer:

  • The best student to instructor ratio in North Carolina; a ratio of 4:1.
  • Comprehensive yet simple to understand instruction.
  • The most competitively priced courses with the best paid guides in the industry.
  • Continued support to all course alumni.
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