Thrifty Adventures is now NC Outdoor Adventures

outdoor adventures team photoWe are rebranding! Why, you ask? Please continue reading. Thrifty Adventures was born in 2011 in Concord NC. We saw a huge need for rock climbing education. In 2014 we added in our water sport trips and have added new adventures every year after growing to over 21 unique guided adventure experiences. In 2015 we relocated to the NC Mountains to expand our company. Then in 2018 we purchased Hidden Holler Farm and developed an Outpost alongside the Toe River. So, the name Thrifty was Scott Thrift’s brainchild. It was derived from our last name; it was a way to celebrate our first year of marriage and starting a company together! For us to bank on that being¬†obvious to the consumer prior to getting to know us was a mistake. Scott would like me to add here, “being Thrifty is a virtue and doesn’t mean cheap or subpar. It means getting the best value for your dollar”. water sports collageSo, to the point we can no longer ignore and hope to market away the negative stigma that the name holds for some. No one wants to think “cheap adventures” associated with risky activities like rock climbing. It has been brought to our attention that the name has caused a few folks to pass us over for bookings. Some of these folks circled back around to us the following season. They decided to book after they read some of the website and saw our many certifications and guide qualifications. They were thoroughly surprised and satisfied with their experiences. On average OVER 50% of our guests have done at least three to four trips with us. I’d say those repeat customers (plus our reviews) speak volumes to the quality of our outdoor experiences and so should our name! Introducing NC Outdoor Adventures, your premier guiding service offering over 20 guided trips in NC, SC and TN. We offer daily trips during our primary season (May-October) with some winter activities during the off season. We also would like to highlight our discounted rates for our group trips for camps, scouts, youth groups, birthday parties, family/friend reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties and our Veteran Programs. New in 2020: more guided plant hikes with food tastings, river ecology snorkel trips, new river trips, winter hikes and 2 Mountaineering Snow School dates. Also, this summer offering FREE community swim days in the Toe River to teach our neighbors how to swim! Another new feature to our outpost in 2020 will be our Yurt Style Outpost for guest check-in and pre-trip shopping and our Root Cellar Tiny House available for lodging options.
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